Why Google Play Store Has Stopped

Google Play Store is an application pre-installed in Android-powered electronic devices to download other useful applications for your phone and install them to use. But many a time, you may have seen that it stops working and here are the reasons.


Different Reasons behind the Stoppage of the Google Play Store in the Android Devices

  • Exhaustion of Cache Memory

Cache memory is the buffer space between the RAM of any device and the CPU. This space is basically used to hold the frequently used data as well as instructions to supply them to the CPU instantly whenever needed.

  1. Thus if the cache memory space is filled with such files and data, the smooth working of the app may get disturbed. This is why the Google Play Store stops working.
  2. Now to get rid of the problem, you need to clear the files and data from the cache memory so that the buffer space is vacant and the apps can work smoothly.
  3. Since cache memory reduces the time to access data from the main memory, the exhaustion of the space is harmful to the device and the app to operate.
  • Outdated App Functioning

Throughout the world, software developers are working on different aspects of applications every day.

  1. All of them are trying to make the apps more user-friendly as well as secure. Thus to access these updates, you need to update the applications at a regular interval.
  2. Most of us don’t want to spend our time updating applications as we have to keep the device idle for some time then.
  3. The apps stop working while there is a huge update due and some changes in its functionality are there.

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  • Re-Adding the Google Account

Many times we need to restart our devices when they start malfunctioning. Similarly, the apps also need to be reinstalled and you need to re-add your Google account there.

  1. Sometimes the apps get exhausted due to heavy work pressure and they start malfunctioning. This is why you need to uninstall the app so that you can access the latest version of the app available.
  2. This is just like taking a break from the work and re-joining after some time with fresh energy. The apps get filled with temporary files and data and they hamper the smooth functioning of the app.
  3. So if you re-add the Google account with the app and re-start functioning, it will work smoothly.

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