How to get Zedge on Play Store (Download app)

Zedge has become quite popular for Android enthusiasts who are looking to customize their mobile devices by installing free backgrounds, live wallpapers, ringtones, alarm and notification sounds, among others. Here is how you can get Zedge with Google Play Store for Android users.

Zedge Download APK

Open Google Play Store

Search for the Google Play Store icon on your Android device’s home screen or in the app drawer, and tap on it to open the store. You can also find it by typing the keywords on your device’s search console.

Look for the Zedge app

Once you are in the Play Store apk, tap the search bar at the top of the screen, then type “Zedge“. Press the search icon, which is usually depicted as a magnifying glass or a “Search” button on your keyboard.

The search results will display apps related to your search. Look for the Zedge app in the list of results. It should have the Zedge logo as its app icon.

Download and Install

You can now download the app by tapping on the Zedge icon in the search results to open its store page. On the Zedge app’s page, you will see an “Install” button. Tap this button to download and install the app on your device.

Zedge Download APK


Pay attention before granting permission

Note that you may be asked to grant permissions to the app during the installation process. Make sure to review the permissions requested by the app and click “Accept” or “Install” to proceed with the installation process.

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Wait for the installation to finish

It may require some time to finish installing Zedge on your mobile device which can be affected by a variety of factors.

For instance, you should take note of the available memory space on your device to be able to install the app successfully. The app will download and install on your device when the conditions are met.

This may take a moment to finish which might also be dependent on your internet connection speed.

Zedge Download APK

Open Zedge and enjoy the app


Once the installation is complete, you can tap the “Open” button on the Zedge app’s store page, or you can find the Zedge app icon on your home screen or in your app drawer and tap it to open the app.

Please note that the availability of Zedge on the Google Play Store or its features may have changed since the last update. If you encounter any issues or can’t find the app, you can also visit the official Zedge website to see if they provide an alternative method to download the app or access their content on your mobile device.

Zedge can be downloaded for Android devices from the Google Play Store, for iOS devices from App Store, or for PC from the Web at the URL.

Additionally, always make sure to download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store to ensure the security of your mobile devices.

Zedge Download APK

Is the Zedge app still available?

As of March 2019 Zedge on Google Play requires Android OS version 5. x (Lollipop) or later. The Zedge Wallpapers for iOS requires iOS version 9.2 or later. If you do not have a device capable of supporting the minimum OS version, you will not be able to continue to use the Zedge app.

Is zedge a safe app?

Although Zedge is a legitimate app for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. Moreover, till now the app has caused no harm to any users. It is in fact a most fascinating app which has a huge massive fan following among users.


How do I install zedge?

If you’re using an Android, it’s super easy—you can just use the Zedge app, which is available in the Play Store.

Zedge Download APK

To get Zedge:

  1. Open the Play Store.
  2. Type zedge into the search bar and tap the search icon.
  3. Tap ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones.
  4. Tap Install.

Why is zedge not working on my phone?

“ZEDGE is currently blocked by certain Internet Service Providers and Mobile Operators in INDIA due to decree issued by the DOT and Indian High Court. This means that many users in India are unable to use this app and our websites.”

Where can I download free ringtones for Android?

5 Websites to Download Free Android Ringtones
  • ZEDGE.
  • CallBEAT.
  • Tones7.

Where can I download free ringtones for my Samsung?

  • Mobile9. Mobile9 is a site that provides ringtones, themes, apps, stickers and wallpapers for iPhones and Androids.
  • Zedge. Want an app to help personalize your phone?
  • iTunemachine.
  • Mobiles24.
  • Tones7.
  • Ringtone Maker.
  • Notification Sounds.
  • ToneTweet.

Is zedge free?

The Zedge app for Android is always free to download and use. You can, however, buy credits to purchase Premium content sold by professional creators in our Premium Marketplace. You may also pay a subscription fee to use Zedge without seeing ads in our free content sections.

Are free ringtones safe to download?

Most sources of free ring tones on the Internet offer some sort of risk. Sites like Zedge, Myxer and FunforMobile all host user content enabling people to share ringtones that they’ve created. While many users freely download from these sites without problems, files on sharing sites like these can host malicious code.

How do I download new ringtones to my android?

How do I download ringtones to my Samsung?

Once your music file is downloaded onto your device, to set a music file as a ringtone:
  1. 1 Tap “Settings“, then tap “Sounds and vibration“.
  2. 2 Tap “Ringtone“.
  3. 3 Tap “SIM 1” or “SIM 2“.
  4. 4 All the ringtones on your device will be displayed on-screen.
  5. 5 Select the music file.
  6. 6 Tap “Done“.

Where is the ringtone folder in Android?

Open the Ringtones folder.

It is most commonly found in the base folder for your device, but may also be found at /media/audio/ringtones/ . If you don’t have a Ringtones folder, you can create one in the base folder of your phone.

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